Huisman launches new crane for handling wind turbine components

Dutch heavy equipment specialist Huisman has developed a 700mt Traveling Quayside Crane for the loading out of offshore wind turbine parts.

This step is the result of the increasing demand for large 2,600 mt and 4,000 mt Skyhook Cranes for the installation of floating wind turbines and the loading-out of foundation pieces. The load-out process of offshore wind turbine components can be completed much more quickly with this 700mt Travelling Quayside Crane compared to the conventional methods, which include crawler cranes or tandem lifting by two cranes with a capacity of 200mt to 300mt.

Since the new Quayside Crane is entirely electric in design, it can be directly connected to the quayside power grid. By doing this, the utility grid can be used to reroute regenerative energy, greatly reducing the crane’s overall net energy consumption.

Although the crane is intended to move along a 16-meter-wide track, this can be changed to meet local needs. The crane can move numerous turbine components to any location in the cargo holds of the majority of the cargo ships currently used for the transportation of turbines, with a lifting capacity of 700mt at a radius of 25m. A more flexible delivery schedule for parts to the load-out quayside is made possible by the ability to travel at a respectable speed with a load in the hook. As a result, the quayside is used more effectively, and the transportation vessel can turn around more quickly. Image source: Huisman

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