Fugro to provide marine site investigation for Vattenfall’s Norfolk Boreas OWF

Vattenfall has given Dutch Fugro a fresh marine site investigation contract for their Norfolk Boreas offshore wind farm, which is situated off the east coast of England.

The 1.4 GW wind farm, which is a part of Vattenfall’s Norfolk Zone, will produce enough clean energy to power 1.5 million homes in the UK while reducing carbon emissions by 2.3 million tonnes annually. A four-month campaign to characterize marine sites will be followed by this investigation in 2020.

Beginning in August 2022, Fugro will mobilize a number of geophysical and geotechnical vessels from nearby ports to carry out full coverage surveys along the routes used by the export cable systems, inter-array cables, and the Norfolk Boreas wind farm. These operations will make use of Fugro’s Blue Snake geotechnical system and SEACALF Mk V DeepDrive system for seabed cone penetration tests (CPTs). To enable secure, effective, and high-quality data collection along the cable route, The Blue SnakeTM integrates CPT and sampling technology. These resources will guarantee high rates of operability and conform to Fugro’s sustainability and safety standards.

Detailed information

Geophysical surveys and unexploded ordnance (UXO) surveys will be finished in the project’s first phase, and then a 2D ultra high-resolution seismic (UHRS) survey will be conducted to provide detailed seabed and shallow subsurface information. Along with helping to position the inter-array cables, the gathered geospatial data will also make future operations safer, make route planning easier, and enhance project design.

Following the fieldwork, Fugro’s UK laboratories in Wallingford and Consett will conduct an extensive laboratory testing program with assistance from their recently certified and accredited laboratory in Belgium. The ground model for the Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas wind farms will use the resulting Geo-data from Fugro’s investigations to optimize foundation and cable design. Vattenfall is receiving assistance from Fugro for a number of other projects across Europe.

Image source: Fugro

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