Octopus Energy and EWT to repower up to 1,000 wind turbines in UK

One of Europe’s biggest renewable energy investors, Octopus Energy Generation, is working with Dutch turbine maker EWT on ambitious plans to repower up to 1,000 existing onshore wind turbines in the UK. This will help increase energy security.

The older wind turbines Octopus and EWT found are dispersed throughout England, Scotland, and Wales and have been supplying local communities with electricity for many years. The UK has about 9,000 onshore wind turbines in total. It is possible to power hundreds of thousands more homes with new inexpensive, green energy and lower energy costs for more people by increasing the green generation capacity of about a tenth of these.

Plans by Octopus and EWT call for replacing these wind turbines with more potent, technologically advanced models. A 250 kW to 1 MW range of new EWT wind turbines will be available. Beginning this fall, they plan to finish by 2030. They intend to collaborate on related projects in other European nations after starting in the UK. In this partnership, they’re looking into a variety of options, such as replacing large wind farms and wind turbines altogether, to increase the amount of green energy produced by existing onshore wind turbines.

Image source: Octopus Energy

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