Design permits for IJsselwind Wind Farm ready for inspection

The province of Gelderland has completed the draft water permit and draft amendment to the Nature Conservation Act exemption for the IJsselwind Wind Farm near Zutphen and Eefde.

These can be seen from August 11 through September 22, 2022. IJsselwind, a collaboration between four regional energy companies—ZutphenEnergie, LochemEnergie, EnergieRijk Voorst, and BrummenEnergie—as well as the Rijn en IJssel Water Board—plans to erect three wind turbines with a combined capacity of up to 12.9 MW along the Twente Canal to the north of the De Mars business park in Zutphen.

The intended wind turbines have a shaft height of 95 to 120 meters, a rotor diameter of 120 to 138.25 meters, and a tip height of 180 to 187.5 meters. One wind turbine belongs to the Rijn en IJssel water board, and the other two are owned by IJsselwind. A third wind turbine is situated on a former landfill in the De Mars business park along the Twente Canal, while two wind turbines are planned on agricultural plots to the north of the canal.

Starting on August 11, the documents can be viewed both online and in person.

Image source: Pondera

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