Eneco only serves Dutch businesses with green power

Eneco will only provide green power (energy from renewable resources) to business customers in the Netherlands.

This relates to potential business clients as well as current clients who want to renew their contract. From this point forward, Eneco will offer European wind, Dutch wind, or Dutch solar energy products to its commercial clients.

Eneco’s current commercial customers who continue to use gray electricity are being given advice on how to quickly convert to green electricity. Green energy has been available at Eneco since 2011 for consumers and small businesses.

Eneco anticipates that with this choice, all Dutch business customers will switch to green electricity by 2026, four years earlier than the goal outlined in the One Planet Plan that was unveiled last year. The Eneco One Planet Plan aims to achieve climate neutrality for the company and for customer energy consumption by 2035. Inventor: Eneco

Image source: Eneco

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