Nature permit for IJsselwind Wind Farm remains in effect

The nature permission for the onshore wind farm IJsselwind near Zutphen will stay in effect. The Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State determined this on Wednesday.

The Division, on the other hand, adds a regulation to the permit addressing the height of the wind turbines. IJsselwind, a collaboration of four local energy corporations: ZutphenEnergie, LochemEnergie, EnergieRijk Voorst, and BrummenEnergie, as well as the Rijn en IJssel Water Board, wants to build three wind turbines with a total capacity of approximately 12.9 MW, three wind turbines north of the Twente Canal and three wind turbines south of the Twente Canal in Zutphen. Two wind turbines will be supplied by IJsselwind, and one by the Rijn en IJssel water board.

The nature permission for this was issued by the province of Gelderland in 2020. Because the wind farm creates nitrogen precipitation on the adjoining Rijntakken Natura 2000 region, the authorization is required. This has been challenged by the Eefde Tegen-wind Foundation and nearby neighbors. In June 2021, the decision was overturned. It then expired in October 2021, and the investigation continued in the position where it was found. This has been challenged by the aforementioned appellants.

The Division concluded yesterday that their case failed, with the exception of the height of the wind turbines. As a result, the Division establishes a height limit for the proposed wind turbines. The licence is granted in accordance with the application for the construction and operation of wind turbines with a tip height of a maximum of 185 m, a hub height of a maximum of 125 m and a rotor diameter of a maximum of 120 m.

This decision does not indicate that the wind farm can now be built. The Administrative Jurisdiction Division revoked the zoning plan and the environmental permit that would have allowed the wind turbines to be built in May 2021. The wind farm currently therefore still lacks relevant permissions. The draft permits are now still available for review.

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