Jungle raises €5M to boost technology deployment in renewables sector

Dutch artificial intelligence startup Jungle has just secured a €5 million Series A fundraising round to hasten the rollout of its technology in the clean energy and manufacturing industries.

SHIFT Invest was the primary backer of the round, joined by EDP Ventures, Gorilla Growth Capital, Future Energy Ventures, and Rocks International Group. ‍

When Jungle first opened its doors, its goal was to create the most powerful tools ever created for fixing machine underperformance. Wind farm and solar farm owners and operators, as well as those in charge of assembly lines, can all benefit from the company’s technologies. That implies making it possible for wind turbines and solar panels that are already in place to generate more electricity, hastening the world’s essential energy shift in the renewables sector.

Jungle’s Canopy artificial intelligence platform foresees and prevents machine breakdowns and underperformance issues, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of machine performance and component health.

With the money they’ve raised, the company may hire more people around the world and target other industries and markets with their products.

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