ÈTA Shipping and TechBinder form strategic partnership

New strategic cooperation between ÈTA Shipping and TechBinder is signed in order to advance the Smart Vessel Optimizer.

The two businesses have been collaborating for a while. The partnership has strengthened to further develop and shape the product specifically for the consumers of ÈTA Shipping, as opposed to the earlier focus on building the Smart Vessel Optimizer. The objective is to use digital technology to its fullest advantage for ÈTA Shipping’s operations and value chain.

ÈTA Shipping will introduce the energy efficient cargo vessel ÈTA 6700 in 2023 with an inbuilt full stack Smart Vessel Optimizer program. Companies may optimize the value provided for ÈTA Shipping’s operation by simplifying the engineering of the vessel with the setup of the Smart Vessel Optimizer. ÈTA Shipping is able to constantly optimize its operations from day one by enabling a continuous improvement loop that enables the validation of technical and operational decisions. Not only building a new ship for the future but also reconsidering how these ships are run.

Making wiser decisions

ÈTA Shipping will be able to assess the effects of actions and compare vessel and asset performance over time by automatically monitoring key performance indicators and evaluating changes in operation/technical design.

Intelligent Ship Optimizer

The Smart Vessel Optimizer provides maritime operators with a thorough picture of the performance of their vessels and points out potential areas for improvement throughout the whole fleet and value chain. using mostly data that has previously been generated throughout the functioning of the vessel’s many components. The system is simple to use and provides operations with information to help decision-making across the value chain.

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