TenneT tenders offshore cable systems

The qualifying time for a contract for the supply and installation of HVAC cable systems in the N-3.7 and N-3.8 wind zones offshore Germany has been launched by the Dutch-German transmission system operator (TSO), TenneT.

The three 155 kV HVAC subsea cable systems will be designed, engineered, produced, delivered, managed as a project, and installed as part of the intended contract to link the offshore wind farms in the N-3.7 and N-3.8 zones to the associated offshore high-voltage direct current (HVDC) converter platform DolWin Kappa.

It is anticipated that the tender will be released between October 17 and October 26. Companies may be eligible to submit a bid for either cable installation or supply.

Experience in the design and manufacture of AC or DC subsea cable with a rated voltage level of less than 110 kV is one of the requirements for cable supply. Experience in laying and burying subsea power cables is one of the key requirements for cable installation.

The DolWin kappa offshore platform, which will serve as the focal point of the 900 MW DolWin6 direct current link, was just installed by TenneT. Offshore wind energy from the German North Sea will be brought ashore via the platform.

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