Largest wind turbine rotor test rig launched at WMC Technology Centre

The WMC Technology Center in the Netherlands now houses the largest wind turbine rotor test rig of its kind, thanks to LM Wind Power.

The now fully functional apparatus will aid in testing the rotors of wind turbines for durability and dynamic behavior under strong mechanical stresses caused by big wind turbine blades.

Hanif Mashal, CTO and VP of engineering and technology at LM Wind Power, continued: “Establishing a very big and sophisticated test rig demonstrates our dedication to advancing knowledge about rotor technology that goes beyond blade manufacture alone.

“Our LM rig, which was created in collaboration with IDOM, TNO, and GE Renewable Energy, is a glaring example of the inventive potential that can be realized when partners from different sectors of the industry work together.

The development and improvement of rotor blade design for current and future markets depend on advanced technologies.

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