Albatrozz wins ‘flatting the curve’ challenge

The SSE team chose Albatrozz, Beex, SeaQurrent, and ShoreSystems as the most promising solution suppliers to address SSE’s innovation issues related to producing a steady baseload and monitoring ecosystem.

They presented their ideas on September 8 during the Offshore Experience finals in Den Helder, and Albatrozz BV was chosen by SSE Renewables as the winner of the contest “flattening the curve.”

The Albatrozz patent is a technology that can double lift when there is little wind. Wind turbines may be started using the technique at lower wind speeds. The cut-in speed, for instance, might be lowered from 2 m/s to 1 m/s. As a result, wind turbines operate for longer periods of time, increasing the amount of renewable energy produced.

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