Whiffle changes brand identity to highlight renewables

Whiffle’s new corporate brand strategy highlights the company’s inventive and scientific capabilities across a range of renewable industries.

Increased reliability in the generation of renewable energy is one of the many benefits of Whiffle’s cutting-edge weather model. The firm provides the first operational weather model based on Large Eddy Simulation, with optimizations made possible by AI and ML (LES). Graphics processing units (GPUs) power the weather model’s computations, yielding unprecedented insight into the atmosphere’s local turbulence and underlying processes and conditions.

The redesign of Whiffle reflects the company’s dedication to scientific rigor and its role in fueling a future in which hyper-local weather forecasting and simulation are supplied.

Whiffle’s ability to determine wind speed and sun irradiance with horizontal resolutions on the order of 10’s of meters is made possible by its ability to account for the influences of the environment, such as vegetation, landscape, sea state, obstructions, wake, and blockage. The danger of and expense associated with energy imbalances are reduced when weather forecasts are more precise. Moreover, the model can be utilized to optimize wind farm layout and estimate future energy production. Possible outcomes include improved returns and cheaper financing.

Image source: Whiffle

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