HSM Offshore Energy and Enersea join forces in H2SEA

A major Dutch construction yard, HSM Offshore Energy, and an offshore engineering expert, Enersea, have joined forces in H2SEA.

H2SEA has created a variety of green hydrogen production platforms, ranging in capacity from 50 MW to 400 MW, in preparation for the massive development of offshore wind generation anticipated by the Dutch Government.

The government of the Netherlands has set a goal of producing 70 gigawatts of wind generating capacity by the year 2050.

The government has plans for massive hydrogen production in the North Sea, in addition to electricity generating. In the years following 2030, the North Sea’s offshore wind farms will be located primarily in increasingly remote locations, hundreds of kilometers from the coast.

The government is hoping to build massive offshore energy hubs in these undeveloped regions. Several wind farms can be linked to the energy hub to manufacture hydrogen at sea without being individually connected to the onshore electrical grid.

Image source: HSM Offshore Energy

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