First towers being built at Zonzeel Windpark A16

The first towers for the Zonzeel Wind Farm turbines at the Zonzeel interchange along the A16 and A59 motorways have arrived. The wind farm is part of the larger Energie A16 project.

The Zonzeel wind farm will feature six wind turbines. The project is a collaborative effort between Eneco, Pure Energie, and Traais Energie Collectief (TEC). Pure Energie has selected Vestas as its supplier for 3 wind turbines. Vestas will supply their V150 type with a hub height of 135 metres and a rotor diameter of 150 metres. Eneco and TEC have chosen wind turbine supplier Nordex to supply 3 wind turbines of type N149, with a hub height of 135 metres and a rotor diameter of 149 metres.

Noord-Brabant aspires to produce zero carbon emissions from its electricity sector by 2050. To this end, the province has taken the initiative to realize wind energy along the A16 in collaboration with the towns of Drimmelen, Breda, Zundert, and Moerdijk.

Within this project, Energie A16, as many as 28 wind turbines will be erected, spaced evenly along both sides of the highway. There will be a total of five clusters of wind turbines, one each in the municipalities of Klaverpolder, Galder, Nieuwveer, Hazeldonk, and Zonzeel. Image source: Arnold den Hoedt

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