Iver teams up with Spanish service specialist Solvento

Spanish wind energy service specialist Solvento has joined Dutch Iver Group in the summer of 2022 and will continue under the name Iver (Spain). With this partnership, Dutch wind specialist Iver expands its presence in Europe.

Solvento was founded in 2009 in Zaragoza, Spain, by two entrepreneurial wind experts. The past
thirteen years, it has grown into a medium-sized Independent Service Provider (ISP) in the wind sector.
With a team of over 50 technicians, Solvento offers services focused on maximum performance and
minimum downtime of wind turbines. Among its services are maintenance and inspection, assembly and
disassembly and the improvement of products and other customized solutions for renewable energy
sources. Solvento operates internationally, serving customers in Spain, Italy and Poland.

European expansion

From now on, Solvento will continue as Iver (Spain). This partnership marks the first step towards
European expansion and is based on an evident synergy between both companies, in services as
well as in values. By increasing capacity, more technical knowledge and experience can be exchanged
to optimise and expand services. This makes an impact on a large scale: technical staff can support
each other and be more broadly deployed, and customers will notice a growth in possibilities working
with Iver.

Sjoerd Bartlema, CEO of Iver: “In the past year, we have put a lot of effort into our growth, which is
necessary to keep fulfilling the increasingly complex market demand. First with the merger of Certion
and F&B Group, and later with the partnership of Mocotech. The partnership with Solvento strengthens
our proposition towards the European market. Miguel Corral Iranzo and I have known each other for
years and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Our companies share the ambition to stay
ahead. The energy transition is now. It’s time to make an impact together.”

Miguel Corral Iranzo, co-founder and CEO of Solvento: “I am very pleased with the partnership we
have created with Iver; a very professional ISP, with a lot of attention going to the organization and its
people. This is a piece of DNA we share. In addition, we are much stronger together: we have increased
our capacity to continue to meet customer demand, and can offer our customers more guarantees and
better service. We are looking forward to entering this new growth phase together.”

Klaas Meindertsma, CFO at Iver: “Miguel Corral Iranzo is a strong pillar and asset for our organization
in Spain; in addition to a wonderful company, he has set up an organization that has an eye for its own
people. By joining forces we can also offer our employees more perspective, in sharing and multiplying
knowledge and in doing even more challenging projects.”

Iver now employs over 125 experts in wind, who are deployable in The Netherlands, Spain and the rest
of Europe. Solvento’s team will continue to operate autonomously, Miguel Corral Iranzo will continue
to lead the Spanish entity. The Dutch team is headed by Sjoerd Bartlema (CEO) and Klaas Meindertsma

The September-edition of Windpowernl features an interview with Iver with regards to the dismantling of the Dutch Irene Vorrink wind farm. Collect a copy from the media corner at WindEnergy Hamburg this week.

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