Mammoet: SK6,000 crane’s fixed jib unlocks deeper waters for offshore wind

Offshore wind developers will now be able to access deeper waters at a far lower cost thanks to Mammoet’s announcement of a fixed jib configuration for the SK6,000.

Mammoet’s newest crane, the SK6,000, is designed to put in place cutting-edge turbines. The current unique fixed jib arrangement allows for lifts of 3,000 tons at a height of 220 meters.

The popularity of fixed-base wind turbines and their accompanying bases is on the rise, allowing developers to set up shop further inland where the winds are stronger and more productive. This has led to jackets and monopiles that can support as much weight as the largest cranes in the world.

The market is moving toward 20MW turbines, which means that floating wind components must continue to grow in size and weight. The necessity for a modular solution grows in this context, as developers will want to install more floating turbines in shorter weather windows to maximize production.

Instead than having to do extensive research, develop, and manufacture an altogether new crane, the SK6,000 fixed jib is simply the most recent iteration in a series that allows tiny tweaks to have a significant impact on performance.

When the right offshore wind project comes along, Mammoet will be ready to roll out their revolutionary jib design.

Image source: Mammoet

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