Van Oord upgrades crane for offshore installation vessel Aeolus

The crane capacity of the offshore installation vessel Aeolus operated by Van Oord will be significantly increased.

For use with the most recent generation of up to 15 MW turbines for offshore wind projects, the crane on board the Aeolus has been upgraded with a new, longer boom. To keep up with the evolving industry and, in particular, the growing size of turbines, Van Oord made the decision to modernize the Aeolus.

Huisman is responsible for the design and construction of the new 133-meter-long boom. As of early 2023, when the new boom is installed, the Aeolus will be ready for service. With this modification, the ship’s lifting capability for foundation installations may be kept at 1,600t while it is able to install the latest generation of 12-15MW turbines.

Van Oord’s plan to upgrade the Aeolus to the latest sustainable technology is consistent with the company’s overall strategy. Van Oord has just purchased the Boreas, a new offshore installation vessel, and the Calypso, a cable-laying vessel, in order to continue providing cutting-edge solutions to the fast developing offshore wind industry.

Boreas mega jack-up vessel

Boreas, which is now under construction in China, runs on methanol and features 20 MW wind turbines with a small carbon footprint. With a length of 175 meters, this ship will have a lifting capacity of around 3,000 tons. The steel-cutting ceremony took place in August, and work is proceeding as planned. The release of Boreas to consumers is scheduled for 2024.

Calypso cable laying vessel

Next year, Calypso will be fully functional. The new DP2 ship will include a cable carousel below deck and another one above deck, with a combined 8,000-ton capacity. This hybrid ship is not just biofuel-capable, but also features engines that can run on e-fuels thanks to their inherent adaptability. It will be equipped with state-of-the-art energy management technology, a sizable battery pack, and a shore power connection.

Image source: Van Oord

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