Sif Group shortlisted for Limburg Export Award 2022

Sif Group, a pioneer in offshore foundations in the Netherlands, has been nominated for the Limburg Export Award 2022.

Companies who export their goods compete for the Limburg Export Award. Regardless of size, businesses are recognized for their innovations, financial stability, and success in exporting.

Design engineering, high-end manufacturing, and other necessary components for a full latest generation monopile foundation, including foundation, tower, and turbine logistics and marshalling services, are all services that Sif is offering.

Eight businesses are taking part in the competition for the Limburg Export Award 2022. Three finalists will be chosen by the panel to compete for the honor, a prize of 10,000 euros, and a piece of artwork by Dick van Wijk, a Roermond artist. The Export Societeit Limburg created the Limburg Export Award. The winner will be revealed live on L1 TV on October 12.

Image source: Sif

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