Hollandse Kust (noord) topside fitted with jacket

The topside for the offshore transformer station Hollandse Kust (nord) was successfully positioned on the jacket with the aid of the installation vessel Orion.

This new milestone occurred 18.5 kilometers off the coast of Egmond aan Zee on Monday and Tuesday night. TenneT will use this “socket at sea” to provide sustainable wind energy to land starting in 2019. The topside arrived at its destination from Hoboken, Antwerp, Belgium, on Monday after a brief stop at the port of IJmuiden. Since November of last year, the garment has been securely fastened to the ocean floor.

The EQUANS/Smulders partnership is constructing three topsides for TenneT in total. Noord will be followed by “west Alpha” in 2023 and “west Beta” in 2025.

TenneT will test the fiber-optic connection that was installed along with the sea cables the following month. It can then be given the authority to manage the underwater unmanned socket. The seabed has already been prepared with the sea cables for “north.” These will be linked to the cables that will soon be feeding power into the high-voltage substation along the A9 at Beverwijk, which is located behind the dunes close to Heemskerk/Wijk aan Zee. The cables for (West Alpha) will also be positioned at a secure depth in the seabed in the upcoming weeks.

For Rijkswaterstaat, each of TenneT’s maritime outlets has been set up as a “Maritime Information Service Point.” Radars, meteorological equipment (for wind, precipitation, clouds, and temperature), and biological monitoring systems for birds and bats are all included in this monitoring station.

Image source: TenneT

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