Barge Master gets €7.5M boost for offshore wind farms installation solution

Barge Master will get a total cash infusion of €7.5 million from the Energy Transition Fund Rotterdam and existing partners in order to accelerate the building of Feeder solution for offshore wind farms.

Transporting the parts of the wind turbines from the port to the offshore wind farms is a significant obstacle in the building of offshore wind farms. Currently, to take up the components, expensive installation vessels sail up and down. The Feeder, a motion-compensating platform created by Barge Master, is simple to install on existing boats. The massive turbine components are kept balanced by these devices so they can be lifted to the installation vessel at sea.

In this manner, the installation vessel may continue to install while remaining at sea and receiving constant supplies of fresh wind turbine parts. As a result, existing installation boats can be deployed more effectively and last longer. Shorter building times, cheaper capital expenditures, and more affordable offshore wind energy are the outcomes. 100 kilotons of CO2 are saved on average each year by Barge Master‘s approach.

US offshore wind farm deal

In order to build Vineyard Wind 1, the country’s first significant commercial offshore wind farm, Barge Master recently agreed to a multi-year deal with DEME, one of the largest wind farm contractors in the world (804 MW). There are a total of four Feeder platforms required by the DEME contract. Barge Master can now afford to build these devices, which can also be utilized for future offshore wind farms, thanks to the funding infusion.

Rotterdam maritime center of excellence

The majority of the Dutch firms utilized for the development and construction came from Rotterdam and the surrounding area, producing 89 temporary employment and 15 permanent ones in the area. This enhances Rotterdam’s standing as a premier marine technology hub on a worldwide scale. Off the coast of the Netherlands, the technique may possibly be utilized in the future to build offshore wind farms.

Image source: Barge Master

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