Ørsted and Rockstart start program of innovative sustainable energy startups

Investor Rockstart has designed a special program to help ten ambitious innovative startups in the field of sustainable energy with the growth and marketing of their product. Ørsted’s extensive network, capabilities, resources and knowledge are used for this.

It is now possible for startups to sign up for this special Ørsted Propel Program. The registration period runs until November 16. Pilot projects are being developed together and financing options and possible long-term agreements are being looked at.

Earlier this year, Ørsted announced a partnership with Rockstart as part of the new Dutch Innovation Hub for sustainable energy. It supports promising companies and initiatives that are getting started with the energy system of the future. By supporting innovations and testing technologies, Ørsted wants to contribute to the transition to a Netherlands that runs entirely on green energy.

Image source: Ørsted

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