Fugro and Magseis Fairfield cooperate on offshore renewables

A global collaboration agreement was signed between Norwegian Magseis Fairfield and Dutch Fugro to collaborate on project prospects, such as vast area 3D ultra high-resolution surveys (3D UHR) for the offshore renewables and carbon capture and storage (CCS) markets.

Together, the businesses will work on projects that gain from the synergy of the Extended High Resolution (XHR) seismic technology from Magseis Fairfield and the geo-data know-how of Fugro. Customers will be able to make better decisions more quickly by combining high resolution 3D UHR data with other types of geo-data to create a 3D ground model, which will boost the offshore wind market.

Offshore wind farms and CCS projects can coexist in the Dutch section of the North Sea, according to a Fugro research. The company gave the Dutch government a number of important recommendations to ensure safe co-location, including creating a (3D) characterization model for geological sites that can be used to estimate the likelihood that an earthquake may strike immediately beneath a wind farm.

Four CO2 storage licences have thus far been obtained on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS). 2019 saw the allocation of permit EL 001 to Northern Lights, and this April saw the allocation of two additional permits—one in the North Sea and one in the Barents Sea. For its North Sea waters, the Netherlands has two CCS projects planned: Porthos and Aramis.

Image source: Fugro

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