Commissioning: 2017. The wind farm is part of the Noordoostpolder Wind Farm
Location: On the Westermeerdijk and Noordermeerdijk in the Noordoostpolder along the IJsselmeer lake, in the province of Flevoland
Owner: NOP Agrowind
Production capacity: 195 MW
Annual yield: 850,000 MWh
Turbines: 26 turbines from Enercon, type E126
Turbine power: 7.5 MW
Hub height: 135 m
Tip height: 198.5 m
Rotor diameter: 127 m
Foundation & tower: Concrete towers, at the bottom, the diameter is 14.5 metres and 4.5 metres at the top
Cables: 33kV
Connected to the grid at: 110/33kV station Agrowind, by TenneT
Power purchasers:Eneco
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