Almelo, Tubbergen and Twenterand wind energy exploration enters new phase

The municipalities of Almelo, Tubbergen, and Twenterand (ATT) are investigating the potential for wind energy in the border region between the three municipalities along with the province of Overijssel. The three municipalities chose to keep working together after an initial exploratory phase and proceed to the next step, which is getting ready for the development phase.

The collaboration’s experimental stage was carried out and finished during the previous year. A technical-spatial research was conducted, among other things, to map out the ATT region’s potential for wind energy. Additionally, a local process has begun, during which local stakeholders and citizens were informed about the collaboration. For instance, the area’s attention-getting issues and concerns were gathered.

Reluctance and interest

The three municipalities came to the conclusion after the first phase that the ATT region has enough potential for wind energy to warrant further cooperation. There is a great deal of opposition in the area to the potential installation of wind turbines, and there are worries about the health implications. However, the towns claim that a lot of people are aware of the necessity of using renewable energy to battle climate change. The potential benefits of wind energy for businesses and locals have also piqued interest.

No initiatives pending for the time being

The three municipalities, along with the province of Overijssel, intend to organize the development of wind energy throughout the ATT region, i.e. outside of municipal limits, in the upcoming months. The alliance requires time to thoughtfully be ready for that next stage. Because of this, the Overijssel Provincial Executive has agreed to postpone considering any wind energy plans in the ATT region until at least 1 March 2023.

Involve the area

The decision of the towns to continue the collaboration for the ATT energy region has now been communicated to the residents who had already participated in the exploratory phase. The governments also seek to fully engage local businesses and citizens in the upcoming phase. Important factors include local ownership, local health concerns, and effective spatial integration.

Image source: Municipality of Almelo

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