SolarDuck supplies offshore floating solar tech for Hollandse Kust West VII

After signing a partnership agreement with RWE in July of this year, SolarDuck was chosen as the exclusive supplier of offshore floating solar (OFS) technology with integrated energy storage in RWE’s bid for the offshore wind farm HKW VII.

A hybrid OFS power plant will now be realized at scale thanks to the winning proposal. By finishing this project, SolarDuck will be able to grow up more quickly, enjoy the cost savings that come with it, and eventually quicken grid-scale business projects.

Offshore wind and OFS hybrid projects aim to hasten the widespread deployment of OFS. The rise of hybrid OFS projects will be fueled by the synergies between wind and solar resources, as well as by better utilizing existing infrastructure and ocean space. In this approach, SolarDuck can contribute more to the global effort to reduce carbon emissions, especially in land-constrained sunny regions of the planet.

One of two wind farms with a combined capacity of 700MW scheduled for service by 2026 is HKW VII. About 53 kilometers (28.6 nautical miles) off the west coast of the Netherlands is where the wind farm is situated.

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