Ventus Awards chooses Ventolines as finalist

This year’s U.S. Ventus Award for Advancement in Project Siting & Development has selected Ventolines as a finalist. The Windpark Fryslân project is among the most advanced in the world because to the avian and aviation radar systems Ventolines installed within it.

On November 17, at the Ventus Awards event, the winners will be revealed.

For the successful implementation of the Gemba app, Ventolines already received the HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) Program of the Year Award in 2021. This software promotes safety awareness, reduces workplace accidents and injuries, and conforms with all relevant rules and regulations.

Ventus Awards

The Business Network Offshore Wind organizes the Ventus Awards. Ten Ventus Awards are given out by the network to nominees whose ground-breaking, inventive, and collaborative work is advancing the offshore wind industry. The Ventus Awards honor individuals and groups that best represent the capacity of wind to steer the sector toward a better and more promising future. We can use wind to provide clean energy and a safer environment, which will enhance the lives of individuals in our immediate vicinity.

The Award for Advancement in Project Siting & Development is granted to a person, group of people, or organization that has created a process or technology or shown a tremendous amount of effort and teamwork to advance or shorten the cycle, timeline, or risk of developing offshore wind projects.

Image source: Ventolines

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