Certex UK and Mennens team up to win Hollandse Kust Noord deal

In order to obtain a significant construction project contract on the Hollandse Kust Noord (HKN) wind farm, off the coast of the Netherlands, Certex UK teamed together with its sister firm Mennens (Amsterdam Branch). The contract is expected to last until September 2023.

In addition to statutory commissioning inspection of pressure systems, turbine-mounted safety equipment, cranes, service lifts, and personal protective equipment, Certex UK will help Siemens Gamesa with the supply of turbine compliance services.

About 11.5 miles off the west coast of the Netherlands, close to Egmond aan Zee, is where Shell and Eneco have a joint venture called HKN CrossWind. CrossWind expects HKN to be operational in 2023 with a 759 MW installed capacity, producing at least 3.3 TWh annually. 69 wind turbines with a combined capacity of 11 MW will be installed by CrossWind, the majority of which will be placed more than one kilometer apart. By the end of 2023, HKN is anticipated to reach first power.

HKN was initially permitted to have a maximum of 100 wind turbines with a maximum tip height of 251 meters above sea level and a minimum capacity of 6 MW, as established by the Dutch government. Choosing larger turbines reduces the amount of infrastructure needed. As a result, the wind farm’s efficiency improves while its expenses and environmental impact are reduced.

Sister companies

Given the project’s geographic location, Certex UK will collaborate with its sister firm Mennens, which is a component of the Lifting Solutions Group, one of Axel Johnson International’s six divisions. Mennens is also a sibling company of Certex UK. Certex offers goods and services to a range of parties involved in the wind energy industry, such as businesses in charge of overseeing the construction of new wind farms or the upkeep of existing ones.

Image source: Certex UK 

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