Final wind turbine of Windpark Galder finalized

At the Galder intersection of the A16 and A58, the final wind turbine of Windpark Galder was finished over the past weekend. Three wind turbines make up Windpark Galder, which is a component of the bigger energy project A16.

The three Vestas V150 wind turbines in the Windpark Galder, which is being built by the energy firm Pure Energie, have a 4.3 MW capacity, a shaft height of 135 meters, a rotor diameter of 150 meters, and a tip height of 210 meters. In October, the initial wind turbine was constructed. In a video, Pure Energy explains the steps needed in building a wind turbine.

The inside of the wind turbines will be finished, and the cables will be joined, in the upcoming weeks. At the start of December, Pure Energie anticipates realizing the grid connection. The testing stage begins after installation. The wind turbines will provide the first electricity produced sustainably to the grid during the test phase. At the end of this year, if all goes as planned, the test phase will begin. The wind turbines won’t be transferred to Pure Energie until every single one has passed every test. The first quarter of 2023 is anticipated to see this.

The annual output of each wind turbine will exceed 15 million kilowatt hours. The combined output of the three wind turbines will be sufficient to power more than 15,000 homes.

Energy A16

A total of 28 wind turbines make up the broader Energie A16 project, which includes Windpark Galder. Four clusters of the 28 wind turbines will be constructed. In the municipality of Breda, the plan calls for 8 wind turbines at the Zonzeel junction, 3 wind turbines at the Galder junction, and 1 wind turbine at the Hazeldonk industrial estate. The plan calls for 3 wind turbines in the municipality of Moerdijk and 6 in the municipality of Drimmelen at the Klaverpolder junction. There are eight wind turbines planned for the Zundert municipality.

Image source: Pure Energy

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