Huisman to supply Monopile Gripper to Japan’s TOA Corporation and Obayashi

Japan’s TOA Corporation and Obayashi have given Huisman a contract for the supply of a Monopile Gripper. The gripper enhances safety and operational effectiveness on board by enabling TOA and Obayashi to upend and install monopiles without the need for a separate upending bucket.

In Japan, the Huisman Monopile Gripper will be deployed for the first time. The gripper will be mounted on the 1,250mt Huisman Pedestal Mounted Crane that is part of TOA and Obayashi’s Self Elevating Platform (SEP). The Huisman mission apparatus will be crucial to Japan’s move toward a green future.

Utilizing the maximum capability of the SEP, the gripper can handle monopiles with a diameter of up to 8 m. In order to ensure that the system as a whole performs within its limitations, Huisman has given particular focus to optimizing the upending process, in which the gripper and crane control software communicate with one another.

Image source: Huisman

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