Windplanblauw final onshore wind turbine complete

The final onshore wind turbine for the Windplanblauw wind energy project finished construction at the start of this week. At this time, all 37 wind turbines are upright.

The installation of systems inside several wind turbines will continue in the following months, and the wind turbines will also go through a testing phase. The Vestas type V162-5.6 MW wind turbines will then go through testing before being turned over to the proprietors of the wind farm.


The Flevoland province’s northwest portion is home to the Windplanblauw wind farm, where 61 stronger, bigger wind turbines have taken the place of the previous 74 wind turbines. SwifterwinT and Vattenfall are behind the project.

Of the 61 wind turbines, 24 will be situated in the IJsselmeer outside the dike and 37 will be situated on land. These wind turbines have a combined capacity of about 340 MW. The 24 wind turbines (type Cypress 5.5 MW) for the nearshore portion of Windplanblauw are being provided by General Electric (GE). The foundations for the wind turbines are currently being built on the IJsselmeer.

Image source: Windplanblauw

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