Provincial Council adopts IJsselwind wind farm integration plan

The Provincial Council of the province of Gelderland approved the Provincial Integration Plan for Wind Farm IJsselwind on November 16. The terms under which the wind farm may be constructed are regulated by this plan.

Water Board Rijn en IJssel and IJsselwind, a collaboration of the four regional energy cooperatives ZutphenEnergie, LochemEnergie, EnergieRijk Voorst, and BrummenEnergie, are responsible for the wind farm.

Along the Twente Canal between Zutphen and Eefde, three wind turbines with a combined maximum capacity of about 12.9 MW are proposed. Three wind turbines are planned, the first two on agricultural plots north of the canal, the third on a former landfill in the De Mars industrial park near the Twente Canal. IJsselwind will be the owner of two wind turbines, and Water Board Rijn en IJssel will be the owner of one wind turbine.

This summer, the draft integration plan was out for review. The opinions expressed have, where necessary, prompted (proposals for) tightening the provincial integration plan. The province claimed that all of the cases involved minor “beauty flaws.” The province of Gelderland received the province’s integration plan from the province on September 13th.

Noise nuisance

Extra consideration was given to noise nuisance during the Provincial Council discussion via motions (formal request or appeal). People who live in the local neighborhood of the project area have brought up this issue. The initiators were requested in an adopted motion to reduce noise nuisance and to adhere to the noise standard of 45 dB Lden and 39 dB Lnight. The World Health Organization advises adhering to this standard.

The integration plan currently establishes a day level of 41 DBLnight and a maximum annual average noise standard of 47 DBLden. This is the permitted level of noise. According to a motion, a sound perception survey of locals in the project region would also be used as an evaluation. Two years after the wind turbines start operating is when this research must be conducted.

The appeals process

The integration proposal is still subject to appeal to the Council of State. On November 24, 2022, the integration plan will be made available for review. Interested parties have six weeks to file an appeal with the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State on the integration plan and other judgments.

A temporary provision can also be asked for. The wind farm might be finished by the end of 2024 once all the permissions have been granted.

Image source: Pondera

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