Wind farm Kroningswind officially opens

The Kroningswind onshore wind farm has officially opened. This wind farm with a capacity of 80 MW will generate electricity enough to power the equivalent of about 65,000 households.

Students of group 7 of OBS Stellegors (Stellendam) symbolically brought the last piece of high-voltage cable, after which Mayor Ada Grootenboer-Dubbelman (Goeree-Overflakkee) and Stéphanie Dobbelaere (Investment Director Energy Transition at TINC) officially put the wind farm into operation with one push of a button. After the opening act there was a discussion about sustainable energy.

Windpark Kroningswind in the Kroningspolder in Melissant is an initiative of 10 agricultural families from the area. In 2019, the Belgian infrastructure investment company TINC took a majority stake in the wind farm. The wind farm contains 19 wind turbines of the Vestas V117-4.2 MW type, with a rotor diameter of 117m, a shaft height of 91.5m and a tip height of 150m. Construction was completed in July.

Attention to nature

During the development of Kroningswind, much attention was paid to nature in and around the wind farm. For example, a bird detection system DTBird, a self-operating system for bird monitoring and bird mortality limitation, has been installed on the turbines. To this end, 52 cameras will be placed on Kroningswind to monitor the zone in front of the wind turbine’s rotor. As soon as a bird enters the camera’s field of view, it is analyzed which species it is, which flight direction it has and what the distance to the rotor is. Based on this information, an assessment is made as to whether the wind turbine can continue to operate or whether the turbine should be stopped. As soon as the bird leaves the high-risk zone again, the turbine is switched on again. Kroningswind is the third wind farm in the Netherlands to be equipped with the system.

Wind Fund

The wind farm contributes to Windfonds Goeree-Overflakkee. Kroningswind will soon be donating €0.50 of every MWh of electricity generated to the Wind Fund. In the calendar year after the production year, the size of the amount to be deposited is determined and transferred to the Wind Fund. Part of this will go to homes within 1 kilometer of Kroningswind, submitted projects for a local sustainable initiative. If fewer applications are received within the year, the boundary of 3.5 kilometers around Kroningswind will be expanded to the municipal boundary.

Image source: Coronation wind

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