Windmill De Noord construction starts

With the arrival of the nacelle and the blades, all major components for Windmill De Noord are on location. Meanwhile, the construction of the tower parts is already underway.

Windmill De Noord is being built on the Bredeweg in Terheijden, between the Mark and the Zonzeel interchange and is owned by the Traais Energie Collectief. The wind turbine was supplied by the German supplier Nordex. It concerns the type N149 with a hub height of 135 meters, a rotor diameter of 149 meters and an installed capacity of 5.7 MW.

Windmill De Noord is not connected to the national electricity grid. The electricity generated, approximately 10 million kWh annually, goes via its own cable to the Energiebrouwerij in Terheijden. From there, the Energiebrouwerij supplies Terheijden households with green electricity and sustainable heat.

Energy A16

Windmill De Noord is part of the larger Energie A16 project in which 28 wind turbines are being developed along the A16 motorway in the province of Noord-Brabant. Six of these will be located at the Zonzeel junction. Windmill De Noord is one of these. The other 5 wind turbines are owned by Eneco and Pure Energie.

Image source: Traais Energie Collective

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