Fugro adds new vessel for geotechnical site investigations

The Fugro Quest, a new geotechnical vessel with cutting-edge deep-water equipment, has been added to Fugro’s fleet.

Fugro employs this kind of vessel to ascertain the precise soil composition; the information obtained is crucial for determining the best placement and layout of offshore developments, such as wind farms. The vessel increases operational and employee safety while consuming less fuel overall than conventional geotechnical vessels thanks to its energy-efficient design. In addition, its capacity for remote operations, data processing, and the use of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) biofuel enhance sustainable operations.

The naming ceremony will be conducted by Fugro’s Chief Financial Officer, Barbara Geelen, today, in advance of the ship’s inaugural journey. Operation of the vessel for Vattenfall’s offshore wind farm close to Norfolk in the United Kingdom will start in December.

The capabilities of Fugro Quest include the collection of top-notch geotechnical data at depths of up to 2,000 meters. The ship is outfitted with deep-water equipment and technologies, including the WISON Mk V Ecodrive and SEACALF Mk V Deep Drive, as well as specialized coring systems and onboard soil-testing laboratory facilities. Clients are able to access project data that has been obtained from the cloud in almost real time thanks to its distant placement and quick data processing capabilities.

Image source: Fugro

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