TenneT chooses parties for upgrading overhead high-voltage lines due to renewables boom

TenneT has long-term agreements in place with the businesses responsible for maintaining the overhead high-voltage lines throughout the Netherlands. In the upcoming years, SPIE, Qirion, and Volker Enery Solutions will carry out specialized work on the high-voltage grid, which demands major expansion and reinforcement as a result of the energy transition, for the national grid operator.

The current high-voltage grid, which wasn’t intended for this, will be affected by the transfer to a sustainable energy source. The current system has to be modified as a result of the introduction of solar meadows, wind farms, heat pumps, and electric transportation. TenneT anticipates investing around $13 billion until 2031 to maintain the dependability of the country’s energy infrastructure.

These changes need a lot of labor. The implementation phase is being closely coordinated by TenneT with specialized businesses. The goal is to create long-lasting relationships that lead to reliable collaboration. Following a thorough tendering process, three contract partners—SPIE, Qirion, and Volker Enery Solutions—were chosen to complete the work on the overhead high-voltage wires.

The agreements with the additional parties were formally formalized at the Arnhem office, marking the beginning of the collaboration.

Image source: TenneT

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