Quang Binh province and Dutch Pondera discuss new wind farm project

The People’s Council of Quang Binh province discussed the prospect of collaboration on a wind farm project with the Dutch firm Pondera.

The corporation highlighted some exceptional wind energy projects it had completed in the Netherlands and other nations in Europe. Additionally, it examined the advantages and possibilities of Quang Binh’s nearshore and offshore wind resources.

Promoting clean, renewable energy is a key objective for Quang Binh.

A 252MW total capacity wind power project is now in operation in Quang Binh. The B&T wind farm complex project cost about 328.7 million USD to complete and went into commercial service in October 2021.

For 25 wind power projects totaling 6,000 MW in capacity, the province has given investors permission to perform surveys. Six of them are offshore, and 16 are nearshore.

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