Sif and Smulders to build jacket piles for TenneT’s Hollandse Kust West Beta

Sif and Smulders will build four Jacket Piles for TenneT’s Hollandse Kust West Beta substation.

The Jacket Piles can reach lengths of 79 meters and weigh 900 tons in total.

“We are proud that we once again can support the Dutch offshore wind ambitions,” the company said in a statement.

Hollandse Kust West Beta will have an annual capacity of 700 MW and be able to supply 700,000 Dutch households with renewable energy directly from the Dutch ocean. It is expected to start running in 2025. The Netherlands has a nationwide target to cut CO2 emissions by 49% by 2030. The Hollandse Kust West Beta is a part of that plan.

Image source: Sif

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