Windpark Nijmegen-Betuwe pays €47k to local projects from Environment Fund

The board of the Stichting Milieusfonds Windpark Nijmegen-Betuwe has paid out subsidies from the environmental fund for Windpark Nijmegen-Betuwe for the third time this month.

A total of ten project applications from the immediate vicinity of the wind farm were approved for a total amount of 47,000 euros.

Six years ago, the four cooperative wind turbines of Windpark Nijmegen-Betuwe were erected along the A15 in Nijmegen-Noord. These wind turbines of the Lagerwey L100-2.5 MW type, with a tip height of 150 meters and a rotor diameter of 100 meters, provide power for an average of about 7000 households. The wind turbines are owned by Energiecoöperatie WindpowerNijmegen, which also opened a solar park near the wind turbines this spring. The cooperative now has more than 1800 members.

An environmental fund was set up for the project at the end of 2017 . Every two years, this fund finances projects and initiatives in the field of sustainability, quality of life and social cohesion. These must be projects for and by residents from at least one of the four residential areas around the wind farm. These are Oosterhout, Nijmegen Noord, Ressen and Reeth.

The ten projects that have received a subsidy are: the Nijmegen-Noord Run 2023, Repaircafé Nijmegen-Noord/Lent, expansion Ommetje Ressen, an AED for the hamlet of Reeth, Particulate Matter Monitoring Network Lent/Nijmegen-Noord, ecological vegetable garden ‘de Pompoen’, Dorpshuis de Schakel, water play areas for the Oosterhout neighborhood playground and Zuiderveld playground, and finally a meeting room at the cooperative solar field of the Reeth hamlet.

A new application round is planned in the autumn of 2024.

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