Holland Shipyards Group to deliver MPP coaster with wind-assisted propulsion

As partner of the Dutch-based Hudig & Veder Group, Hartel Shipping & Chartering, has awarded Holland Shipyards Group for the delivery of three newbuild MPP coasters of 3.800 DWT. One will be fitted with a a VentiFoil® wind-assisted ship propulsion.

The new vessels, designed by Conoship, measure 89,42 m by 13,20 m and will have a cargo hold capacity of 5.530 m³ and a tween deck to allow for increased project cargo capacity.

In response to an increased focus on sustainability, Hartel Shipping has opted for a diesel-electric drivetrain, allowing for running on sustainable fuels now and later on in the future. The newbuilds are propelled by two 374 bkW electro motors and have a total installed power of 749 kW. The frequency-controlled, diesel-electric power train regulates the speed of the screw on the basis of variables such as load factor, water level and navigation route, resulting in fuel saving up to 35% and significantly fewer emissions.

Wind-assisted propulsion

Further energy savings, on this already remarkably efficient design will be realized by fitting a VentiFoil® system from Groningen-based Econowind on the first vessel. The VentiFoil® unit is a wing shaped element using modern innovations in aerodynamics creating high propelling force relative to its size. With these sails, further efficiencies of 8% – 12% can be realized. The VentiFoil® units are able to fold and rotate around it’s own axis, thereby it can be always made possible to acces the ships cargo hold.

With these new vessels Hartel Shipping will position its fleet on the forefront of sustainability in the short-sea market. For Holland Shipyards Group, this order marks a return to the short-sea market, as well as an expansion of its sustainable efforts in other market segments than ferries, inland ships and workboats.

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