Dutch House of Representatives adopts motion for additional realisation time for existing SDE projects

A motion calling for an extra 1-2 years of realisation time for renewable energy projects receiving SDE subsidies was adopted by the House of Representatives of the Netherlands today.

The motion had been tabled by Pieter Grinwis, MP for Christian Union. Due to the international crises, the cost decrease for many materials for renewable energy systems is said to have turned into a cost increase this year. In addition, several projects are facing longer legal procedures due to overloading of the Council of State. As a result, potentially already available geothermal, wind and solar projects and combinations thereof could not be realised within the Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production and Climate Transition (SDE++) deadline, delaying the energy transition in the Netherlands.

In the motion, the government asked the Lower House to “make an extreme effort for the realisation of these available projects by giving them an extra one or two years of realisation time, without this being at the expense of the total exploitation time. The motion was passed.

In a response from the Dutch Wind Energy Association (NWEA), chairman Jan Vos says this extra time is badly needed fot wind energy projects to continue. The current increase in the cost of materials and personnel costs, makes it more difficult to obtain financing and more difficult to ensure a balanced business case. The association is therefor welcoming this adopted motion and expects the minister to implement it as soon as possible to avoid further delay. Vos added that it is expected that this cost increase is temporary and one-off and that the drop in costs will soon resume.

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