Wind turbine tower section falls off transport causing congestion at Beekbergen junction

At the Beekbergen junction, a tower section for a wind turbine came loose from the transport vehicle. The component landed on the junction causing two connecting roads to be closed to traffic.

The accident happened around 02:30 am. The transport was driving on the A1 from Hengelo towards Apeldoorn, right in the connecting loop to the A50 in the direction of Arnhem. In the bend, things went wrong. The tower section landed on the A50 connecting road from Apeldoorn towards Arnhem. No one was injured. No other vehicles were involved either. It is still unknown how the component came loose, reports the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat).

Later in the morning, salvage operations started. Two cranes were needed to lift the tower section. The Barneveld-based company BKV was involved. Rijkswaterstaat reported at the end of this morning that the component was removed. In addition, repair work is required on the asphalt and crash barrier. Rijkswaterstaat says it will replace 25 square metres of asphalt. Due to all this, the handling is taking longer than initially expected. Rijkswaterstaat expects all activities to continue this afternoon. Source & image: Rijkswaterstaat

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