Pure Energie starts decommissioning of Oldebroekertocht and Hondtocht Wind Farm turbines

Dutch energy company Pure Energie reported yesterday that it has started the dismantling of its Oldebroekertocht and Hondtocht wind farms in the province of Flevoland. The decommissiong is part of the large wind energy project Windplan Groen.

Oldebroekertocht Wind farm near Dronten consists of six 2.3 MW Enercon turbines (Enercon E70 E4 2.3MW) and was built in 2011. Hondtocht Wind farm near Biddinghuizen was opened in January 2013 and consists also of six Enercon E70 E4 2.3MW wind turbines, with a combined installed capacity of 13.8 MW. The original wind farm dates from 2002 with eight wind turbines of smaller capacity at the time. These were replaced in 2012.


The dismantling of the wind turbines is being carried out by the Dutch company Business in Wind and takes place in two phases. This week, first one wind turbine in Hondtocht Wind Farm will be dismantled, followed by six in the Oldebroekertocht Wind Farm. The last five wind turbines in Hondtocht Wind Farm will be removed in May.

Business in Wind reports that this is the first time they are using a newly developed tool to remove the Enercon E70 E4 2.3MW wind turbines. Crane company BKV which is also involved in the project is also using new developments on the main crane.

Second life

The removed wind turbines will be overhauled and given a second life abroad. Business in Wind has bought these 12 wind turbines from Pure Energie and will ensure that they are returned to operational use for the new owners. Four wind turbines will go to Scotland and eight turbines to Northern Ireland.

The decommissioning is part of the larger wind energy project in the area – Windplan Groen – in which a total of 90 new turbines with more power will be realised. Both wind farms will get 5 new V162-6.2 MW EnVentus wind turbines. Source: Pure Energy & Business in Wind Image: Hondtocht Wind Farm © Business in Wind_photographer Paul Poels

Tip: Wind Energy News conducted an interview with Business in Wind in 2021. Read it here.

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