How will our future electricity grid remain stable and affordable? Sign up for the webinar on 1 February (3PM to 4PM CET) and get insights into the technological and societal solutions for our future energy system.

Programme webinar

Challenges system integration offshore wind
– Jan Willem Wagenaar, R&D Portfolio Manager Wind Energy, TNO

Energy Management Systems for future energy systems
How can smart energy management solutions support the integration of large amounts of electricity produced by offshore wind farms into the energy system from 2030?
– Iratxe Gonzalez Aparicio, R&D Portfolio Manager System Integration Wind Energy, TNO

Weak grid in rural areas
Chris de Visser discusses the potential applications of smart energy grids in rural areas.
– Chris de Visser, Business Unit Manager Wageningen Research

Operational status SWITCH lab
– Jan Willem Wagenaar

Use case: Shore based power in Rotterdam
How having a high percentage of sea-going vessels plugged in at the quay by 2030? So that diesel generators can be switched off.
– Floor Schipper, Project Manager, Port of Rotterdam

About the hybrid energy system

Future energy system
We are going through an energy transition, where wind and solar energy will be the main energy sources of our future energy system. The variable nature of these sources increase the need for flexibility in the system, not in the least because of the huge industrial electrification. Storage and hydrogen production bring balance to the system and heat and hydrogen ‘products’ open-up new markets.

Switch to the future
Energy management systems are needed to manage such hybrid systems and, more importantly, validation and demonstration is necessary before large scale implementation. For this reason TNO and Wageningen Research joined forces and raised the SWITCH field lab facility. A unique hybrid sustainable power plant lab on a small scale.

TNO is investigating how smart energy management solutions can support integration of large quantities of electricity produced by offshore wind farms into the energy system from 2030 onwards. Wageningen Research focuses on the potential applications of this type of smart energy grid in rural areas.

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