Green light for last Greenport Venlo turbine

In July 2022, Greenport Venlo Wind Farm with eight wind turbines was commissioned. The original design, however, was for nine wind turbines. Just before the end of 2022, financial close was reached for this ninth wind turbine also.

The design of Greenport Venlo Wind Farm envisaged the construction of nine wind turbines from the beginning. However, the Dutch Ministry of Defence previously did not approve the construction of the second turbine in the line of nine turbines due to the impact on military radar coverage in the Netherlands.

Following the construction of a new support radar in Belgium, Dutch research company TNO recalculated the impact of a wind turbine at this location and concluded that this wind turbine no longer poses an obstacle to military radar coverage. The Ministry of Defence has therefore granted its approval for the construction of this wind turbine.

Construction in 2023

The wind turbine will be located on land belonging to Ontwikkelbedrijf Greenport Venlo. Contractors H4A and Hecker & Zn are scheduled to carry out the preparatory work, such as laying the foundation and crane hard stand, before the summer. If all goes well, the Nordex N133 type wind turbine, with a hub height of 135 metres, a tip height of about 200 metres, and a rotor diameter of 133 metres, will be delivered in Q3 2023. .


Earlier, Windpark Greenport Venlo, a partnership between Greenchoice, Windunie and the ABN AMRO Sustainable Impact Fund, concluded an agreement with the energy cooperative Energiecoöperatie Samenstroom on neighbourhood participation in the wind farm. Local residents can buy bonds, allowing them to benefit from the financial returns of the wind farm. In addition, the wind farm makes available a Livability Fund for the surrounding area of €500,000. With the ninth turbine also being built, the wind farm will make a proportionate contribution to the participation that will benefit the Livability Fund. Together with Energiecoöperatie Samenstroom, these agreements will be implemented in a similar way.

When the ninth wind turbine is operational, the wind farm will generate sustainable electricity for the equivalent of about Dutch 35,000 households. The electricity will be supplied through Greenchoice. Source: Greenport Venlo Wind Farm

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