Turbine parts for Delfzijl Zuid expansion project start arriving

This week, the first turbine components arrived for Delfzijl Zuid Uitbreiding Wind Farm, near Delfzijl in the province of Groningen.

Since 2006, Delfzijl Zuid Wind Farm has been operational. This wind farm is now being expanded to the south with 16 wind turbines. The expansion project is called Delfzijl Zuid Uitbreiding Wind Farm.

The 16 wind turbines are supplied by the German manufacturer Nordex. They are of type Nordex N133 STE with 4.8 MW capacity and a hub height of 135m. The turbine components arrive via the port of Eemshaven.

The first construction activities were started in May 2022. At that time, proceedings were still pending at the Council of State for the commissioning of the wind turbines. This has yet to be decided. The initiators of the project, united in the Koepel Windpark Delfzijl Zuid-Uitbreiding, are ZuidZes B.V., Eneco Wind B.V., Kloosterlaan B.V. and HiNerg B.V. They chose at the time to start construction pending the ruling. Ventolines has been appointed for the development. Source: WindChain/Windpark Delfzijl Zuid Extension

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