Final Koningspleij Wind Farm turbine produces first power

The final wind turbine in Koningspleij Wind Farm in Arnhem recently produced its first electricity. Once fully operational, the turbine, together with three other wind turbines, will contribute to an annual generation of an expected 34 million kWh.

This fourth wind turbine was fully assembled in early December and began a test phase in January. In this test phase, the wind turbine will run continuously for ten days and systems will be extensively tested. Meanwhile, the first kilowatt hour (kWh) has been generated, the first of around 8.5 million it will produce annually. Once this test phase is successfully completed, a final inspection will take place and, if the result is positive, the turbine will be handed over to the management department of owner Pure Energie.

Koningspleij wind farm

Koningspleij consists of a total of four wind turbines on and near the industrial estate Kleefse Waard (IPKW) in Arnhem. The turbines are supplied by Enercon. They are of type E-115 EP3 with a tip height of 177.5 m and a rotor diameter of 115.7 m.

Three of these are owned by the Rijn en IJssel energy cooperative and Prowind and were previously built in 2022. As many as 566 local residents are partial owners of the three wind turbines through this cooperative. The fourth wind turbine, and the only one on the IPKW site, belongs to Pure Energie.

Koningspleij Wind Farm is expected to produce around 34 million kWh annually. This is as much as over 5% of Arnhem’s electricity consumption in 2021.

Local participation
The immediate environment was involved in the project in various ways. These included working with local company Dykerhoff Basal Betonmortel for the construction of the foundation.

In addition, an environment fund is set up to finance local initiatives that can help improve the liveability of the town, village or neighbourhood. For a period of 15 years, of every megawatt hour generated by the wind farm, €0.50 will go to the environment fund. Source: Pure Energie

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