Authorities and grid operators plan for new high-voltage grid in northern region

On Monday, Minister Rob Jetten (Climate and Energy Policy), Deputy Edward Stigter (Climate & Energ) for the province of Noord-Holland, and Maarten Abbenhuis, (operational director TenneT), signed off on agreements they had reached on the arrival of a high-voltage power line in the Noord-Holland Noord region.

Large growth in energy and electricity demand, in business parks and ports, in mobility and logistics, in agriculture and in the built environment., is expected in the Noord-Holland Noord region. In addition, energy from offshore wind farms will probably be brought ashore here and fed into the national grid for wider distribution.

The national government, the province of Noord-Holland, grid operators Liander and TenneT, and the municipalities in the Noord-Holland Noord region are working together to ensure that there will also be enough space on the electricity grid in the future. This requires a new 380 kV connection of tens of kilometres to Noord-Holland Noord.

In addition to the arrival of this connection, Liander and TenneT are expanding 40 electricity substations in the region, adding 20 new ones, and constructing hundreds of kilometres of additional connections.

This is a complicated project and can have quite an impact on the surrounding area. The Minister, deputy minister Stigter and TenneT are now going to work out various options to achieve the best possible spatial integration of the 380 kV connection and the associated high-voltage substations, together with the surrounding area.

Working hand-in-hand

The agreements that the government, province and TenneT are making about their cooperation on the new 380 kV connection to North Holland North go further than previously usual, with the ministry, province and grid operator working hand-in-hand on the arrival of the connection and the energy system of the future. In doing so, the province will remain responsible for processing and making timely decisions on applications for any necessary permits and exemptions for which the province of Noord-Holland is the competent authority. And will ensure that public participation from the region is included in the planning process. The Minister for Climate and Energy Policy, in consultation with the Minister for Housing and Spatial Planning, remains the competent authority for spatial integration. Source: TenneT

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