First electricity from Windplan Groen supplied via new Closed Distribution System

The new Closed Distribution System Groen (Gesloten Distributie Systeem Groen / GDS Groen) near Dronten, in Flevoland, was successfully commissioned recently after a major outage in September last year caused a delay.

Three new wind turbines from the onshore wind farm XY Wind, part of Windplan Groen, were the first to supply electricity through the GDS Groen.


The GDS on Olsterpad in Dronten consists of a transformer station and 46 kilometres of cabling. Via these cables and the transformer station, electricity generated by wind farms, among others, is made suitable for delivery to TenneT-Liander’s substation, which then ensures transmission to the national grid.

Power outage

The commissioning of the GDS was delayed for several months due to the major power outage in Flevoland in September 2022. TenneT made a provision that allowed GDS to be commissioned on 1 February.

The next wind farms to be connected are FlevoVentum and Flevoland Duurzame Energie’s solar park at Flevonice. After completion of the construction of new wind turbines, six more Windplan Groen wind farms will follow later this year and in 2024.

17 wind turbines complete

Windplan Groen is a large repowering project that comprises 90 new wind turbines, of which 86 will be realised in the first phase. The total plan comprises around 500 MW of new installed capacity. The construction of 17 (of the 86) wind turbines within Windplan Groen has now been completed. Some wind turbines are already generating electricity, others are still undergoing technical completion. Source: Windplan Groen

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