H2SEA creates solution for off-grid offshore hydrogen production 

A client requested that H2SEA create solutions to address the growing demand for offshore, off-grid system stability. Current Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) are not regarded to create a grid, even though future WTG are.

Maintaining the stability of the power grid when the hydrogen production system is fueled by an offshore wind park without a grid link is a major difficulty in the production of green offshore hydrogen. Future wind farms intended for hydrogen production won’t be connected to the grid and can’t rely on it to generate inertia and keep the system stable. The system is vulnerable to shocks because of the low-inertia grid, which could cause instability.

H2SEA created three potential solutions, which Enersynt and a high voltage engineering expert named Enersynt studied in an electro magnetic transient (EMT) study.

In the system with grid-forming converters and energy storage, the favored approach demonstrated the viability of using conventional wind turbine generators. Although H2SEA’s solution now functions using a scaled-down Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), the goal is to develop without one in the future.

Finding clever and affordable solutions for offshore hydrogen production will be a priority for H2SEA and its sibling engineering firm Enersea going forward.

Image source: H2SEA

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