SemperPower begins energy storage project to boost renewables integration into Dutch grid

SemperPower’s third utility-scale energy storage project, Project Pollux, which will facilitate the integration of renewable energy into the Dutch power grid, is currently in the realization phase.

When it begins operating in the fall of 2023, the battery system, which has a capacity of 68 megawatt hours and 30 megawatts of power, will be the largest battery project in the Netherlands and one of the largest in North-West Europe.

The company began the realisation phase of the project with project partners, and will begin the exploitation phase later this year. The 30 MW/68 MWh battery system will be utilized to support Essent’s portfolio of renewable energy sources. Project Pollux will help the Netherlands electricity market integrate renewable energy more quickly by doing this.

Alfen, the twin sister of Castor, will supply and build the battery system in the energy hub of the North Sea Port in Vlissingen-Oost after being chosen as an EPC-partner. The Stedin-network will be directly accessible to the system. Triodos Bank and Meewind, manager of sustainable investment funds, are the project’s financial partners.

Image source: SemperPower

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